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Our Law Firm “Studio Legale Barberio“ focuses above all on the protection of human rights against all forms of discrimination, on the defense of the right to health, of children and, also, of the unreasonable length of proceedings.

We are involved on family law and everything about family relationships and any related issues, such as personal and property relations between spouses, separation and divorce, children protection and juvenile law.

Our Legal Firm “Studio Legale Barberio” offers legal assistance in criminal and penitentiary law, including criminal juvenile law. We take care of victims of crime, we can draft complaints and civil charges. If necessary we can have the help of private investigators very close to us.

The Lawyer Laura Barberio is an expert in immigration law and her core business is the human rights defence in front af any courts.

She is really into the immigration law, the civil, criminal and administrative law and she takes care of foreigners during the renewal of their VISA (residence permit), their requests for Italian citizenship, as well as in proceedings against the expulsions from italian borders.

In particular she helps asylum seekers and takes care of applicants for international protection.

She is very interested in the protection of victims of tortures, thanks also to the possibility to have the help of great psychologists and ethno-psychiatrists; she defends victims of slavery, victims of persecution on religious, political and sexual orientation, people persecuted for belonging to minority groups and it is interested in defending people for fundamental freedoms, including expression and press freedom.

She is involved against FGM (female genital mutilations) and any other kind of violence or human rights violation against women and children.

The Lawyer Laura Barberio is registered in the “Free Legal Aid” list in criminal, family and immigration law so she can ask for her costumers to be admitted to italian free legal aid for those, italians or foreigners, who have gained no more than 10.766,33 euros the year before this particular application.

The Lawyer Laura Barberio recently attended at a lecture in front of the Lawyers Board of Rome in which she talked about immigration law and free legal aid, called: “Immigrazione e Patrocinio a Spese dello Stato

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