For years we have been working all over Italy with lawyers actively involved in anything related immigration law, the right of political asylum and international protection.

Lawyer - Rome
Caterina Lupia

Address: Via del Casale Strozzi n. 31 00100 Roma

Telephone: 347 4092764

E-mail: caterina.lupia87@gmail.com

Graduated in Law at the University of Tor Vergata Rome. She studied the subject of the Protection of the Victim of Crimes both on substantial and procedural point of view according to italian law n. 119 of 2013 on gender-based violence. From the beginning of the forensic practice he approached exclusively the world of criminal law, having today professional experience, above all, in the field of crimes against the person, against properties as well as the types of crimes punished and foreseen by the italian D.P.R. 309/90. Once qualified as a Lawyer in the Court District of Rome, she participated actively and successfully in the qualification course held by the Criminal Chamber of Rome to become a Public Defender, passing the final exam, determining his registration in the National Register of Public Defenders.

Lawyer - Rome
Gennyfer Giardi

Address: Via del Casale Strozzi n. 31 00100 Roma

Telephone: 333 4447907

E-mail: avv.gennyfergiardi@gmail.com

Graduated in Law at the University of Siena, Qualified Lawyer in the Court District of Rome, she has professional experience in civil and criminal law, particularly in protection of Human Rights and Immigration Law. She teached in courses on Immigration Law and International Protection. She actively collaborates with different associations, including "A Buon Diritto Onlus", helping in activities related to the protection of victims of any kind of discrimination, above all in the field of immigration, recognition of international protection and the right to health. He collaborated with the Ombudsman called "Antigone" by working in cases concerning specific problems related to the state of detention at the roman jail of "Rebibbia".

Higher Courts of Justice Lawyer - Naples

Address: Piazza Cavour, 139 Napoli – 80137 – Italy

Telephone: 081 5571137

E-mail: segreteria@studiolegalemigliaccio.com

Website: www.studiolegalemigliaccio.com

Graduated in 1997 at the “University of Federico II” in Naples and registered in Lawyer Board of Naples since 2002. In 2014 qualified to represent people in front of italian Higher Courts. He is involved professionally both in civil and administrative law, in particular he is an expert in protection of human rights and immigration law. He participated as a speaker at conferences and seminars about immigration law and family protection, in particular European Union Law Stage "Andrea Cafiero" held in San Marco di Castellabate (SA). At this meeting he lectured about "Jurisdictional protection of foreigners: resolution of practical cases”. He also collaborates with different online legal journals and blogs including immigrazione.it, of which he is a member of the editorial committee and iussit.com, for which he takes care of the section Immigration.

Higher Courts of Justice Lawyer - Reggio Calabria

Address: Corso Garibaldi Giuseppe 468/A - 89127 Reggio Calabria (RC)

Telephone: 0965 332706

Lawyer of the Court District of Reggio Calabria, authorized to practice profession and represent people in front of italian Higher Courts. President of “ANCADIC Onlus”, national association for the protection of people victims of any kind of discrimination. President of the Provincial “Fish” of Reggio Calabria, Italian Federation for the overcoming of the handicap. Counselor of the “ANFFAS” (association that treats people with intellectual and/or relational disabilities) of Reggio Calabria, is also the coordinator of the Legal department. Legal representative of the Center for helping immigrants people created and directed by “Caritas Diocesana” of Reggio Calabria. He is a collaborator of the administrative law chair of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria for which he wrote several publications. He is also a member of the “FIADEL Legal Department”, a workers' union. He also gained a reputation for important judicial victories in favor of the employees of the municipal administration and mixed companies. He organizes important meetings and events for training and information on the right to inclusion, reported and disseminated by the local media and television.

Lawyer - Reggio Calabria

Address: Via San Francesco da Paola, 53 - 89100 Reggio Calabria

Telephone: 348 8032302

E-mail: mariaelenabagnato@libero.it

She is a Lawyer in Reggio Calabria Court District with professional experience in civil and criminal law. Specialized in Legal Professions. She is a Company Conciliator and a Civil Mediator. She has been working for Altalex website since 2010 and she wrote also an ebook called “L’Affido Condiviso”. She is Vice-President of Research Center and Criminal Observatory of “Mediterraneo” University in Reggio Calabria and one of the founder of the association “Codacons-Confabitare Calabria”. She is mainly dedicated in condominium law, family law, labour law and contracts.

Higher Courts of Justice Lawyer - Treviso

Address: Via De Gasperi, n. 2 - 31044 Montebelluna (TV)

Telephone: 0423 22111

E-mail: info@studiolegaletartini.it

Website: www.studiolegaletartini.it

He has been a qualified lawyer to represent people in front of italian Higher Courts since 2008 and since 2011 he has been a civil and business mediator as required by the law D. Lgs. 28/2010. He works mainly in civil law, above all family law, inheritance law, consumer law, accidents, debt collection, contracts, immigration law, and also provides assistance to clients in extra-judicial problems and criminal law. He is qualified in the list of lawyers for the “free legal aid” in the Treviso Court District and member of the Board of Observatory in Family Law in Treviso and also of “Unione Trevigiana dei Giuristi Cattolici”. He has experience also in municipal administration as part of Public Council in the City of Nervesa della Battaglia (1990-2003). He was also the Major of the city Nervesa della Battaglia (1998-2003). He was a member of “Piccola Comunità di Conegliano” an italian association interested in any kind of drugs addicted people problems. He has been interested in International Cooperation and Human Rights Protection since 1994.

Lawyer - Turin

Address: Via Cavalli n. 28 bis - 10138 Torino

Telephone: 011 5826851

Qualified lawyer in the Court District of Turin, he is involved mainly in immigration and criminal law. He studied International Human Rights at Westminster University of London. Researcher in a project called “Il mercato delle droghe in 18 città del Sud del mondo”, created by “Gruppo Abele” superted by “United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute” (Unicri) and speaker in several meetings, including the meeting “Quale diritto di asilo a Torino” (“Which kind of asylum rights in Turin”) organized by Amnesty International on the occasion of World Refugee Day and the training course for public defenders of C.I.E. of Milan organized by the Lawyer Board of Milan and by the Criminal Chamber of Milan. Professor at International University College of Turin in “Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic” in collaboration with the University of Turin, University of “Eastern Piemonte” and “A.s.g.i.”. Author of many specialized pubblications and Supervisor of Research “Betwix and between: Turin’s CIE – indagine sui diritti umani all’interno del CIE di Torino” for the International University College of Turin.

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